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    Traveling around the world without a visa with ‌Bahar Gate

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Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment

Our team offers all you need on citizenship based on investment plan. If you are looking for a second passport please contact us for complete consultation.

Portugal Golden Visa

We cover residency program services and insist on receiving residency permit for the favorite location by our clients.

Bahar Gate Business Assessment

To give the clients a enough information of the migration plans and stages, we offer local rules, provisions and necessary documents needed.

Citizenship by Investment

Most of the countries all across the world suggest citizenship by investment plan, so that foreigners could obtain the citizenship against starting suitable business in their country

There are a number of advantages in obtaining citizenship throughout this plan along with the tax mediation such as exemption from inheritance, salary income, property and present .many of the countries worldwide offer this kind of migration however the approaches are different.

to clarify it is to say for some of the countries legal amount of investment is announced 3,000,000 $ while others might bring up the amount of 500,000 $. in some of the countries physical residence of the investor is mandatory while others do not consider .Bahar Gate Group will explain the advantages and also probable difficulties related to citizenship by investment plan

We assure our office follows your case regularly in the highest attention and take charge of your whole immigration process.

Residency by Investment

This type of residency is considered for investors those who are planning to set up an occupation or invest in the industries of the country. In some cases, obtaining permanent residence visa by the investor is probable in condition to fulfill all important necessary documents required according to rules of the country of destination.

Laws and provisions concerning receiving an investor visa widely differs in countries .good knowledge of the country’s regulation is a key point in the stages lead to receive investor visa. This is where Bahar Gate step in and makes everything easier for those who are interested in funding on international arena .our highly trained staff in local law firm deliver special regard and direct advisory sessions through the entire process and stages

If you have chosen your favorite country, do not hesitate to call us and get benefits from our highly trained expert’s consultations

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