Grenada Citizenship by Investment

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Grenada Citizenship by Investment

This country is popular for its many grown plants, and wonderful waterfronts in Caribbean Sea. High vision is one of the most important reasons to visit the three beautiful main islands. Things which have made Granada a fabulous destination for investors are beautiful beaches, diving sailing, outstanding restaurants, and superb festivities.

Grenada is famous and named as island of spice is one of the most attractive places in the West Indies. Natural and strange it attracts the travelers with its rough pointed mountains peaks, unseen coves, spice plantation, and strong green covered rainforests. White and gold sands beaches along with the palm trees and perfect adore of native spices have made this place ideal for any visitor.

Apart from the view, Granada is a suitable place to live and work because of its fun, culture and friendly environment that represents Caribbean life-

This sense of modern ,friendly, and kind of strange island named as “the spice island “is because of many of locally grown spices, which has made the place so popular for the investors to travel and also live.

The way of real and pure life in Granada surprises you and makes you feel refreshed. The language spoken here is English .if you suddenly get lost; you will definitely face the warm hospitality and friendly culture of Caribbean. They are really hospitable.

Caribbean island between the Caribbean Sea & North Atlantic Ocean

Saint George’s


344 sq. km.

Parliamentary democracy (Parliament)

English (official), French patois

East Caribbean dollars (XCD)

1 USD = 2.7 XCD

Grenada Citizenship by Investment

Population Growth: 0.46%

14,100 USD
GDP (per capita)
GDP (purchasing power parity)
1.511billion USD

Visa free countries

Grenada National Transformation Fund

In order to get Granada’s economy stronger and more independent The National Transformation Fund was founded in invested on different industries in Granada such as tourism, agriculture and energy. Investors help the organization to take part to their new nation’s wellbeing.

Applicants those choose NTF rout must help at least 200,000 $ to the fund. Fees and expenses regarding this rout are mentioned below.

  • Applicant applying alone: US$150,000
  • Applicant applying with spouse: US$200,000
  • Applicant applying with spouse and up to two (2) other qualifying dependents: US$200,000
  • Each additional qualifying dependent, of any age: US$25,000

Real Estate Projects

Invest on Government confirmed projects is one of the ways applicants  who are looking for citizenship through investment in Granada .these plans covers real estate projects, including: Hotels , villas, and resorts. Since the tourism industry is growing, housing accommodation for tourists is highly taking part in these projects due to high return of your money which is very attractive for the investors

Those who are interested in the mentioned plans must invest 350,000 $.in order to obtain citizenship they may not sell the property for three years .fees and expenses regarding this rout is mentioned below:

In case an applicant confirmed by the government in real estate projects, following items are required:

  • Main applicant: 350,000$

Who Can Apply

Following requirements are necessary for anyone who wants to submit an application to citizenship based on investing plan:

  • Minimum 18 years of old.
  • Meet the least possible investment requirement
  • Delivering facts and data of the suggested suitable investment
  • Being confirmed of hardworking history.
  • Qualified dependents must be upper than 16 years of old
  • To be sincere and honest in related to application
  • Settlement of all necessary government fees.

Application Process

The stages of applying for Granada citizenship are as follows:

Arranging the documents and filling the form of application

  • To submit the applied request and prepare the backup documents
  • Waiting for governmental investigation of the application and the due diligence check (up to 10 weeks)
  • Application being confirmed by the government
  • Investing on real estate or National Transformation Fund
  • Certificate of citizenship is issued

Ever since the application is submitted to the government of Grenada the period of receiving citizenship may take up to 6 months.


  • To receive Grenada citizenship you do not need to travel or has physical residency here
  • Inclusion of dependent children under 30.
  • Inclusion of dependent parents over 55.
  • With Grenada passport you can travel to more than 141 countries such as all EU countries, The UK, Caribbean and commonwealth Nations and also it causes the situation to obtain an E2 Visa for the USA. And also it is one of the three countries that have the advantages of 30 days visa free access to China.
  • State of full citizenship by main applicant and the family .also it can be transferred to the decedents
  • To be qualified for the citizenship, you don’t need to be interview, educated or have managerial experience
  • The process of application is completely private and submission of citizenship is based on government’s final decision

Application Fees

The following fees have been prescribed under the Citizenship by Investment Regulations of 2013.

Non-refundable processing fees

Principal applicant: US $1500
Each qualifying dependent: US $1500

Non-refundable Application fees

Principal applicant: US $1500
Each qualifying dependent: US $1500

Due diligence fees

Principal applicant: US $5000
Each qualifying dependent (Over 16 years of age): US $5,000

Non-refundable administration fees

(applicable for government bonds and approved real estate or enterprise project investment)
Per bond application: US $50,000

Approved real estate or enterprise project investment

Principal applicant: US $50,000
Each qualifying dependent: US $25,000 (18 years of age and over)
Each qualifying dependent: US $25,000 (under 18 years of age)

Why Grenada

There are many elements that are important when choosing a country for citizenship through investment. We are experienced on investment program to match the desires of all prospective applicants from our four unique programs, to our yearly cap of elite investors, to our attractive cultural engagements; we deliver joy and prosperity to you.

Geographical situation and weather:

Grenada is consists of three important islands: Grenada and its sister islands Carriacou and petite Martini. All of them are beautiful and rich in culture, history places ,fresh culinary delights and much more. Carriacou is only 90 minutes boat ride from St. Georgia’s the capital city

Genada’s proximity to the equator ensures a year –reound tropical climate, with average temperature between 23 and 28. Winds provide perfect situation.

History and culture:

Grenada was inhibited by Carib Indeans who emigrated from South American mainland. The island was famous as Camerhough,but Vhristopher Colubus rename it:’ Concepcion island’ during his visit in 1498. Spanish sailors found it to be so evocative of Andaucia’s green mountain scenery that it was named Grenada

It was a british and French colony, but finally in 1974 it pronounced its independency from the United Kingdom.

Grenada’s people are very educated and high literacy level.St.Georgia’s university has 6000 students from 140 countries, including faculties of Medicine and Veterinary Science,and  has been working for 35 years .thus, a full medical teaching hospital will be built in forthcoming future

Considerable population visiting is a surprising event and Grenada is very undiscovered and full of opportunities


  • Official name: Grenada
  • Dependencies: Carriacou and Petite Martinique
  • Area, including all three islands: 344 km2 (133 sq. miles)
  • Population: 108,132 (UN estimate, 2008)
  • Capital: St George’s
  • Location: 12.07° North 61.40° West
  • Currency: Eastern Caribbean dollar (XCD)
  • Major languages: English (official), French patois
  • Nationality: Grenadian
  • Major religion: Christianity
  • Life expectancy: 67 years (men), 70 years (women) (UN)
  • GNI per capita: USD 4,670 (World Bank, 2007)
  • Current labour force: 40% of population
  • International dialling code: +1 473
  • Internet domain: .gd
  • Airport: Maurice Bishop International Airport (MBIA)
  • Climate: Tropical, with average temperature of 24ºC (75ºF)
  • Time zone: EST+ 1 (GMT – 4:00)
  • Government: Constitutional monarchy
  • Head of State: Queen Elizabeth II, Governor General Dr Cécile La Grenade
  • Head of Government: Dr the Right Hon. Keith Mitchell
  • Ruling Party: New National Party (NNP)
  • Elections: Last elections on 19 February 2013, next elections by 2018
  • Suffrage: Universal at 18
  • National Holiday: 7 February (1974, Independence Day)
  • Constitution: December 19, 1975


During past twenty years, Grenada’s economy has altered from agriculture to the provision of services. Its largest exports such as nutmeg, of which Grenada is the world’s second-largest producer, cocoa beans, fish, and wheat flours. Core export destinations include the United States, Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, and Canada. Other spices produced for export include mace, cloves, and cinnamon. Exported fruits and vegetables consist of bananas and citrus fruits.

Tourism part is greatly developing, with the island going on to take more and more shares of the market for Caribbean tourism. Much of this expansion is because of foreign direct investment, as foreign business persons choose to invest in Grenada’s growing popularity with visitors and leisure travelers. The nation depends highly on tourism to earn foreign currency.

Safety and Security

Grenada is known as the safest nations in the Caribbean, and in fact the whole western hemisphere. Security is in the hands of the Royal Grenada Police Force, and Grenada is a member of the Regional Security System of the Eastern Caribbean.

Visa Free Travel

Successful applicants can take advantages of visa-free visit to more than 141 countries, as listed below. It should be noted that visa-free travel to the countries listed below are subject to change. It is firmly advisable that the related Government authorities and agencies are contacted prior to travel coordination made.

Grenada Citizenship by Investment

Grenada Passport

Bahar Program Rating


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Andorra Georgia Philippines
Anguilla Germany Pitcairn Island
Antigua & Barbuda Gibraltar Poland
Argentina Greece Portugal
Aruba Greenland Reunion
Austria Grenada Romania
The Bahamas Guadeloupe Saba
Barbados Guatemala Samoa
Belgium Guyana San Marino
Belize Haiti Seychelles
Bermuda Holy See Singapore
Bonaire Honduras Slovak Republic
Botswana Hong Kong Slovenia
Brazil Hungary South Korea
British Virgin Islands Iceland Spain
Bulgaria Ireland St. Bart’s
Cayman Islands Israel St. Eustatius
Chile Italy St. Helena
Colombia Jamaica St. Lucia
Costa Rica Kenya St. Maarten
Croatia Kiribati St. Martin
Cuba Kosovo St. Pierre and Miquelon
Curacao Latvia St. Vincent & Grenadines
Cyprus Lesotho Suriname
Czech Republic Liechtenstein Sweden
Denmark Lithuania Switzerland
Dominica Luxemburg Tonga
Dominican Republic Malawi Trinidad & Tobago
El Salvador Malaysia Tunisia
Estonia Malta Turkey
Fiji Mauritius Turks & Caicos
Faroe Islands Montserrat United Kingdom
Finland The Netherlands Uruguay
France New Caledonia Venezuela
French Guiana Nicaragua Virgin Islands
French Polynesia Niue Wallis and Futuna
French Southern & Antarctic Lands Norway Zambia
FYROM Panama Zimbabwe
Gambia Peru

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